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If you work in the garment industry you have probably handled something to which we have applied printing, tinting or a coating. Printing and coatings on non-wovens are something we do well. We print a wide variety of non-contact food wraps, including paper, poly, parchment and foils. We utilize custom designed roll to roll / web / flexo-printing machinery, producing superior quality in printing, tinting, coatings and embossing. We print random designs and branding patterns for the industrial, garment, agricultural, food, automotive and housing industries.

Top coated paper and poly non skid coating are inside lining cosmetic boxes and inside to shrink-wrap with copper for for that allowed for food packaging a commercial retail products. We specialize in providing efficient servicing our customers with printing, coatings, embossing and tinting.

We have supplied our trade with the following coating and printing services:

  • Printing Latex-treated paper for adhesive backed products
  • Printing release paper for adhesive backed products to protect materials such as Plexiglas™, ACRYLITE® and Cyro™
  • Printing gauge paper from 1 mil to 20 mil thicknesses
  • Printing wrapper stock / Kraft paper / flower paper / 40 point board
  • Printing box liner board printing
  • Printing branding on ceiling tile packaging paper
  • Coating Spectrometer-matched color on board stock
  • Felt paper impregnated with scratch resistant coatings
  • Printing bar coding on window packaging and heavy board wrapper stock
  • Printing inside liner stock burger boxes
  • Printing grease-proof liner stock
  • Printing branding logo on poly film
  • Coated silicon on foils
  • Coating anti fouling shrink-wrap (copper ink coating) paper and poly wrap stock
  • Printing camouflage for paper stock used for detonation cord
  • Protective shrink wrap for finished painted surfaces, tires, carpets, moldings and glazing
  • Paper and foil backing materials for interior fiberglass insulation materials
  • Single sided tinting of manila 175# board stock for garment patterns.

General Applications:

  • Protective coverings for Rolled Steel products
  • Reinforced paper wraps
  • Reinforced poly coated paper

Garment industry:

  • Grids and graph paper
  • Tinted boards
  • Alpha-numerical prints
  • Non-woven
  • Tissues

Food Industry:

  • Foils
  • Poly films thicknesses from 0.005 and up
  • Poly vapor barrier
  • Hoagie wrap
  • Bakery wrap
  • Sugar bag paper
  • Baking papers

Other Industries:

  • Film divider tissue
  • Tyvek®
  • Solid colors
  • Films and foils
  • Anti-fouling rap
  • Auto coverings

US Military:

  • Coated silicon on foils
  • Anti fouling shrink-wrap (copper ink coating) paper and poly wrap stock
  • Camouflage printing for paper stock used for detonation cord

Long Runs:

We run over 50 million linear feet per year. These orders are a minimum of 30,000# + runs.

Short Runs:

We can run your pilot orders, trials and experimental lots. Set up and additional costs related to short run manufacturing processes may be required.


Some of the end users of our services:

James River ... Fiber Mart ... Regal Paper

Mary Kay ... Liz Claiborne ... Liz Taylor ... Avon





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